The company held fire drill activities

The company held fire drill activities

In order to further strengthen the company's fire safety education, to improve the resilience of emergency response, the proper use of fire extinguishers and escape methods. The company held a fire drill at 8: 10 am on April 19 at an open space in front of the office building.


This event was organized by Mr. Chen Jinyi, manager of the personnel department, and Mr. Zhou Jinbao, the chairman of the labor union. All the company security guards and company volunteer firefighters and more than 400 employees in the factory participated in this fire drill.

First of all, Chen Jinyi, manager of the company's executive personnel department, conducted fire training for everyone at the scene, explaining in detail the importance of fire prevention work and the types of fire fighting equipment and how to use them.


8:10, in accordance with the scheduled procedures, site personnel organized evacuation, fire drills and other exercises.


The picture shows the security captain correctly demonstrating how to use dry powder fire extinguishers.



The picture shows the staff to use the fire extinguisher.


The picture shows the security captain demonstrating how to properly wear a smoke mask.

The picture shows the security captain correct demonstration of how to use fire hose, water gun fire.


The picture shows the employees involved in the use of fire hose, water gun fire.



The exercise aims to strengthen the awareness of the general staff on "prevention first and safety first" through exercises and enhance the capability of self-rescue and scientific escaping of the vast numbers of employees; to cultivate the spirit of mutual aid and escapism in the event of emergency distress; to enable everyone Can really learn, really, really understand, true, master the essentials of the use of fire extinguishers, fire safety awareness.

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