Ai Puri intelligent body sensor switch BRT-306C debut Taobao crowdfunding

The term "crowdfunding" comes from abroad. It is a fundraising act to raise funds to support sponsored individuals or organizations with characteristics such as low threshold, diversity, reliance on the mass force and creativity. The concept of "crowdfunding" has only been in China for two or three years. However, it has ushered in a blossoming situation for a short time. Among them, the crowdfunding of Taobao is in full swing. In 2014, the total number of participants was over 1 million. The maximum amount of individual projects exceeded 12 million yuan , Taobao crowdfunding aims to help users initiate ideas, dreams, people from all walks of life can work together through this platform to complete a plan.

It is reported that Taobao has repeatedly said that in the future, it will continue to concentrate on products and creative industries in the field of science and technology with a focus on technology crowdfunding. Ai Puri intelligent body sensor switch BRT-306C will debut in Taobao crowdfunding.

Ai Puri intelligent body sensor switch BRT-306C, the main energy-saving, convenient life. BRT-306C is a microcomputer-controlled infrared pyroelectric sensor and anti-jamming signal processing technology that automatically senses the movement of the human body and automatically controls lighting and other loads ceiling-type electronic energy-saving switch.

Unique installation and easy

BRT-306C ceiling sensor switch, if tired of the wall switch, affecting the appearance, the choice of ceiling and the 360-degree sensing range. BRT-306C body sensing switch is usually embedded directly embedded in the ceiling, the more beautiful and generous, play the role of decorations. Slim oval appearance will become the ceiling, the light is on, give you the feeling of the stage.

Wide range of applications 

BRT-306C, a wide range of applications, can be applied to all walks of life. Home: Can be used as entrance, corridor, staircase, kitchen, bathroom, etc .; Industry: disinfection equipment, water valves, fans, exhaust fans, fans, alarm, street lamps; large places: exhibition halls, disinfection rooms, office corridors and other elevators.

Quality Assurance 

Patent design: oval or round shape, elegant white, delicate arc. Compared with the ordinary domestic switch, the European standard of quality selection and management, high flame retardant ABS raw materials, international standards R0HS production line, ISO9001 quality management system, safe, reliable, superb art, extraordinary intelligence.

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